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Amiga 500 from trash

Some time ago I was looking for a cheap Amiga 500 for restoration. I found one for 60 euros. The seller said it was in overall good condition and was working fine many years ago before being put away. There were only photos from the top and it looked good though it was dirty. I trusted him and bought it. If he lied … well, I’ll have more work :-)

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First AmiKey prototypes

First AmiKey prototypes have arrived earlier this week! They were mainly made to check that everything fits and to check that the 0.6mm thick PCB will be suitable. It fits, but a few holes have to be moved a little. I will probably also choose a 0.4mm thick PCB for the next prototypes. While 0.6mm is fine, you could use slightly longer screws to keep the metal back firmly in place.

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Start of AmiKey project

I have recently repaired three Amiga 500/500+ computers and they all have damaged keyboard membranes. One membarne was salvaged using conductive silver paint, but two could not be repaired. I could of course order a new membrane, but they cost around 35 EUR. I understand where this price comes from, but for two membranes I can buy a fully functioning Amiga 500. So yeah, I think they are expensive. PCB membranes are also available, but the cost is about the same. So there is probably no way to repair Amiga keyboards cheaply … Or maybe there is?

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Commodore 64 necromancy

Sometimes repairing a retro computer is as simple as replacing a leaking capacitor or a broken chip. It only takes a few minutes. But there are also tough cases where you can spend several evenings digging around the board, diagnosing, testing, and all to no avail. Usually I go back to such cases from time to time and sometimes I end up finding the culprit and fixing the damn thing. But some cases are so hopeless that it is not worth wasting time on them. This post will be about such a case… and the Commodore 64 necromancy :-)

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