Lens test: Minolta MD 28mm F2.8

Every photographer probably has one or few focal lengths he likes most. There is also one focal length which may be most unpopular. Do you like 28mm primes? Or do you hate them? Many 28mm legacy lenses are often mentioned as low quality, opticaly poor and not worth buying. They however have one great feature… Low price. It may be one of cheapest wide angle available for your full frame mirrorles and/or film camera. In this and following tests we will take closer look at three legacy lenses and one recent zoom. Lets start with Minolta MD 28mm F2.8.

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Lens test: Panagor PMC Auto Wide Angle 24mm F2.5

It is believed that some of the best legacy lenses were produced by Komine and Kino Precision. They were available under various brands and one of them was Panagor. I have Panagor PMC Auto Wide Angle 24mm F2.5 lens and we will check how it is compares to previously tested Tokina and Sigma 24mm. Panagor is quite small and lightweight, only 217 grams without caps. It has slightly better light (F2.5 vs F2.8) and a larger front element with filter size of 55mm vs 52mm in Tokina and Sigma. Will it be better? Let’s see.

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Lens test: Tokina RMC 24mm F2.8

Tokina is known among photographers as company which produces good and excellent lenses. In film times most common were RMC series. I got my hands on Tokina RMC 24mm F2.8 some time ago and we will check how it performs. It is largest of all 24mm lenses I had and weights 240 grams without caps. I didn’t used it much because I prefer Panagor 24mm and Tokina was mostly collecting dust. We will take closer look at Panagor in next test but now lets see how good is Tokina.

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Lens test: Sigma Super-Wide 24mm F2.8

In this test, we will take a closer look at the rather popular lens – Sigma Super-Wide 24mm F2.8. It is one of the smallest 24 mm lenses and weights 194 grams (without caps). It is also quite cheap. With a bit of luck, you can buy it for around 50-60 EUR with highest prices between 80 and 90 EUR. This lens was not considered optically good by most users, but rather was perceived as an average, cheap alternative to the more expensive 24s. Is it worth buying?

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