I have recently repaired three Amiga 500/500+ computers and they all have damaged keyboard membranes. One membarne was salvaged using conductive silver paint, but two could not be repaired. I could of course order a new membrane, but they cost around 35 EUR. I understand where this price comes from, but for two membranes I can buy a fully functioning Amiga 500. So yeah, I think they are expensive. PCB membranes are also available, but the cost is about the same. So there is probably no way to repair Amiga keyboards cheaply … Or maybe there is?

Earlier this year I started learning KiCad by recreating and improving the Commodore C64 board. This project is not finished yet and I will write more about it after the first prototypes are made, hopefully later this year. But let’s go back to Amiga keyboards… It took me few days (evenings actually) to draw my own PCB to replace the membranes. Today I am ordering the first prototypes. Here is an example rendering:

The estimated cost of the final PCB version should be at least by half cheaper than the currently available membranes and PCBs and definitely an affordable option to repair Amiga 500/500+ keyboard. For more informations about this project please visit dedicated AmiKey page.