First AmiKey prototypes have arrived earlier this week! They were mainly made to check that everything fits and to check that the 0.6mm thick PCB will be suitable. It fits, but a few holes have to be moved a little. I will probably also choose a 0.4mm thick PCB for the next prototypes. While 0.6mm is fine, you could use slightly longer screws to keep the metal back firmly in place.

Unfortunately, I didn’t expect this prototype to fit considering my measurement methods and drawing the PCB edges and pads over high resolution scans of the original membranes. For this reason, I chose the cheapest HASL finish to cut costs and it turned out not to work with the Amiga’s key plungers. Very few plungers work, most require tremendous pressure on the key, and some do not work at all despite being cleaned. The next prototype will use the ENIG finish which I believe will solve this issue. I hope to finish revision B soon and place an order.

If you like to have non-working revision A PCB to experiment with it or just to hang it on your wall please contact me using form on About page. I have five PCBs available for 8 EUR + shipping.