Lens test: Sigma Super-Wide 24mm F2.8

In this test, we will take a closer look at the rather popular lens – Sigma Super-Wide 24mm F2.8. It is one of the smallest 24 mm lenses and weights 194 grams (without caps). It is also quite cheap. With a bit of luck, you can buy it for around 50-60 EUR with highest prices between 80 and 90 EUR. This lens was not considered optically good by most users, but rather was perceived as an average, cheap alternative to the more expensive 24s. Is it worth buying?

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Lens test: Vivitar MC Wide Angle 19mm F3.8

Mirrorless technology gave us photographers an easy way to use legacy lenses from analog times on our digital cameras. These lenses are usually cheap compared to brand new ones and often offer decent or excellent optical quality. Now I have about 40 legacy lenses and I decided to sell some of them. But how can I decide which lenses are the best and which should I keep? By testing them, of course! I’ll start with Vivitar MC Wide Angle 19mm F3.8.

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Old film cameras and light leaks

Film is recently getting more attention from photographers. For those who were starting their photo journey with old 35mm SLRs or rangefinders (like me) it is nostalgic experience. For younger generations raised in digital era it is something different, perhaps even something “new” to try. Whatever the reasons are one must get some used film camera and this usually means getting some ten to forty years old piece of hardware. Most of them still work pretty well, but there is one common issue that you should be aware of – light leaks.

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Scanning B&W negatives for C-41 process

Back in analog times most people were shooting B&W films. They are still very popular nowadays but you may have problem getting them developed if you don’t do it yourself. There is solution however – B&W films for C-41 process. You can easily develop them any in photo lab which still accepts color negatives (and there are still lots of those even in small cities). Some time ago I’ve shot one roll of Kodak BW400CN to see what it can deliver. If you are working in digital darkroom the final effect depends much on how well scanner will do its work. In this article I’ll show you results of scanning same frame few different ways.

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