Tokina is known among photographers as company which produces good and excellent lenses. In film times most common were RMC series. I got my hands on Tokina RMC 24mm F2.8 some time ago and we will check how it performs. It is largest of all 24mm lenses I had and weights 240 grams without caps. I didn’t used it much because I prefer Panagor 24mm and Tokina was mostly collecting dust. We will take closer look at Panagor in next test but now lets see how good is Tokina.

At F2.8 we start with rather large vignetting but it isn’t as strong as in previously tested Sigma Super-Wide 24mm F2.8 lens. With each F-stop vignetting is smaller and becomes acceptable at F8 and almost completly vanishes at F11. Tokina has maximum aperture value of F16 while most competitors go up to F22. It is also limited to full steps without half steps between values. That may be limitation for some users. Color rendition has slight yellow cast and a bit lower contrast than Sigma lens.

Sharpness test proves that this lens is indeed a good piece of glass. Center is sharp from wide open with mid sections not much worse. Corners are soft but improve with each F-stop. At F5.6 only extreme corners are still soft and at F8 we have very good sharpness across whole image. At F11 and F16 sharpness is excellent, corner to corner (at least for my standards). Soft corners have medium ghosting. Lens produces images with slight barrel distortion which is strongest when wide open, gets slightly corrected between F4 and F8 and then remains almost the same up to F16.

Tokina RMC 24mm F2.8 is a very good performer on a full frame sensors. It is definitely worth byuing if you don’t mind max aperture at F16 and no half stops. Price range is between 70 and 100 EUR and may depend on lens mount. For some mounts it may be hard to get this lens but with mirrorless it doesn’t really matter, just get right adapter for it.