It is believed that some of the best legacy lenses were produced by Komine and Kino Precision. They were available under various brands and one of them was Panagor. I have Panagor PMC Auto Wide Angle 24mm F2.5 lens and we will check how it is compares to previously tested Tokina and Sigma 24mm. Panagor is quite small and lightweight, only 217 grams without caps. It has slightly better light (F2.5 vs F2.8) and a larger front element with filter size of 55mm vs 52mm in Tokina and Sigma. Will it be better? Let’s see.

As usual we will start with vignetting test. At F2.5 we have huge light falloff which is a bit worse than in Sigma and much worse than in Tokina. However when stopped down to F4 Panagor takes a lead and is much better than Tokina and totally outperforms Sigma. At F5.6 vignetting is barely visible in extreme corners and is completly gone from F8 all the way up to F22. Color rendition is excellent with very good contrast and no color casts.

Sharpness test in center and mid-sections at F2.5 is acceptable, but worse than in Tokina and Sigma. Corners are soft, a bit worse than Tokina but better than Sigma. At F4 center and mid-sections are sharp with corners just a tad bit worse than Tokina but significantly better than Sigma. When stopped down to F5.6 and F8 Panagor is the best across entire frame except just extreme corners at F5.6 which are less sharp than Tokina, but without ghosting effect. Sigma falls behind. From F11 up to F16/F22 Panagor wins with excellent sharpnes corner to corner. At all aperture values there is small barrel distortion.

Personally I like Panagor most of all legacy 24mm lenses I had. It wins hands down when it comes to vignetting. At F5.6 vignette is minimal while competitors struggle with it even at F8 in Tokina and F11 in Sigma. Sharpness is excellent from F4 with only extreme corners not that good below F8. The only downside is performance at F2.5 which is at most mediocre in all aspects. It is hard to tell what price range is as there are not many of these lenses available. I’d say its worth similarly to Tokina, perhaps a bit less.

Don’t forget to check sample images.

Small sum up of three legacy 24mm lesnes: Panagor has excellent vignetting control and overall sharpness except when wide open, Tokina has best corner sharpness and quite good vignetting control, Sigma is cheapest but is not a top performer.