Minolta MD 28mm F2.8

Every photographer probably has one or few focal lengths he likes most. There is also one focal length which may be most unpopular. Do you like 28mm primes? Or do you hate them? Many 28mm legacy lenses are often mentioned as low quality, opticaly poor and not worth buying. They however have one great feature… Low price. It may be one of cheapest wide angle available for your full frame mirrorles and/or film camera. In this and following tests we will take closer look at three legacy lenses and one recent zoom. Lets start with Minolta MD 28mm F2.8.

Minolta MC/MD lenses more commonly known as Rokkor lenses are very popular. 28mm F2.8 prime is quite small weighting only 192 grams without caps. My copy has a little defect on front ring but is otherwise fully functional and in great condition. At F2.8 there is really strong vignetting, but it gets a lot better at F4 and F5.6. It is nearly gone from F8 to F22. Color rendition is excellent and matches Panagor 24mm lens which I use as reference. No color casts, no tints, great contrast.

Sharpnes in center is excellent at F2.8 and F4 with very good mid-sections and a little soft corners. At F5.6 corners are getting sharp and are very good at F8. From F11 up to F22 sharpness is excellent in entire frame. Very good overall performance. Many modern lenses can’t produce such good results. There is small barrel distortion which stays the same throghout all F stops.

With price tag around 50 to 60 euros this is an excellent lens, definitely worth every cent you pay for it. If you don’t need anything wider I think it will be hard to find lens being that good at such low price. If you are not convinced yet to buy one perhaps sample gallery will help you decide.

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