Kiron MC 28mm F2

I’ve mentioned earlier in Panagor 24mm lens test that Kino Precision is considered a manufacturer of one of best legacy lenses. One of brands these lenses were available under was Kiron. The only Kiron lens that I have is Kiron MC 28mm F2. It has very solid metal build and weights 255 grams without caps. Lets check its performance to see if it is really that good.

At F2 we have light to medium vignetting in center and mid sections with strong one in extreme corners. At F2.8 mid sections are getting better but corners are still dark. Stopping down to F4 makes things a lot better. From F5.6 all the way up to F16 vignetting is almost completly gone. Very good light faloff control. Lens also has very good color rendition wihtout any casts or tints. Contrast is good as well.

Sharpness in center is excellent from wide open but mid sections are a bit soft and corners are very soft. At F2.8 things aren’t much better, but at F4 corners are way less soft (but still soft). To get decent corner sharpness it is required to stop down to F5.6 and extreme corners become acceptable at F8. For excellent sharpness across whole frame F11 or F16 is required. Not a very good performance. All images also have barrel distortion.

While I like build quality of this lens, good vignetting control and neutral color rendition its sharpness is way behind what I call “acceptable” and rather attribute specific to cheap, low quality lenses. With price tag between 80 and 100 euros I would definitely choose cheaper Minolta MD over Kiron. However please take a look at sample images. Sometimes tests do not show full lens potential and someone make like Kiron better than Minolta :-)

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