Disclaimer: all my lens tests are amateur tests performed only to help me decide which lenses are keepers. I do not have the time, space and the equipment to carry them out professionally. Although my tests can help you make a decision, you should not use them for the final evaluation of whether the lens is good or bad. It should also be remembered that sometimes different copies of the same lens can give different results. Below are few notes for testing procedure:

  • Camera is aligned in three dimensions using markings on test chart.
  • Test chart and color chart used for testing are high resolution images printed on color laser printer on standard A3 paper with 600dpi and highest quality.
  • Vignetting tests are B&W images of wall/paper sheet with focus set to infinity.
  • All images are saved as 16-bit TIFF directly from RAW without any modifications.
  • All test charts images have levels corrected using exact same settings and are then desaturated.
  • Test charts are available in the original size, color chart and vignetting tests are resized to 1024 pixels using Lanczos algorithm.
  • Final images for web are converted to 8-bits and are saved as JPEG with quality set to 90.