What is AmiKey?

It is a replacement for the Amiga keyboard membrane that I designed as a PCB so it won’t fail after a while like a regular membrane.


When will AmiKey be available?

Hard to say. The AmiKey project is in its early stages. I’m currently working with prototypes for the Amiga 500/500+.

Will AmiKey be available for other Amiga models?

I plan to adapt the PCB for the Amiga 500 in future revisions so that it will also fit the Amiga 1200. I may also design a PCB for the Amiga 600. I will definitely not design a PCB for other Amiga models.

PCB membranes are already available, why are you designing more?

Because I do it mostly for my own needs. Ordering several PCBs directly from the manufacturer is at least by half cheaper than buying already available membranes.

So AmiKey won’t be available to everyone?

I am not sure yet if and what the distribution options will be available and what the final cost of PCB will be. Time will tell.

Maybe you will release this project as open source so that anyone can order PCB directly from the manufacturer?

It is possible that in future I will publish the whole project or just gerbers on github. I haven’t decided yet.

I have other questions about AmiKey…

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