Welcome! You have reached the end of the internet!

This site is supposed to be kind of my personal knowledge base and place to share it with the world. Unless you are passionate about things like photography, computers, operating systems and perhaps some other more or less technical stuff you will probably find it boring and useless. Thats ok. If you however are tech savvy then perhaps you may find some interesting and useful content here.

For now there isn’t much here, but I will be adding new content from time to time. However do not expect regular updates. As I said, I mostly plan to put here stuff that I may need in future but I’ll possibly forget. There will be photography related content too. Mostly sample photos from my lenses, few lens reviews and some small galleries with what I think are my best photos. It will probably take some time to get all this stuff online. Few months seems very optimistic :-)

Anyway… Thanks for your visit. If content of this site is or was somehow helpful to you, you may thank me by buying me a drink through PayPal donation. Also feel free to contact me using form below. Happy browsing!