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Projects on hold due to COVID situation

I’m sorry for not posting any updates on my AmiKey or recreated C64 PCB projects, but I was forced to put them on hold due to the COVID situation. There are severe delays in the package deliveries and some of the packages I ordered have never arrived. Some have been refunded, some not. This also have impact on all my retro computer restorations and repairs as I’m not able to tell if ordered computers or parts will be delivered normally, will be delayed or will never be delievered. I decided that it is better to put most of my retro computers projects and restorations on hold. In the meantime I’ll be redesigning my C64 prototype board to use SMD parts.

AmiKey revision B order placed!

I just placed an order for the revision B of AmiKey! Only minor tweaks were needed, such as moving a few holes in the PCB to better fit the keyboard backplate, moving several tracks away from holes, and the pads are now slightly larger and slightly shifted to more closely match the original foil membranes. I have several damaged membranes to test against, and they all have slight differences in both size and placement of the pads and holes. Really slight, maybe tenths of a millimeter, but they aren’t exactly the same. I had to approximate placement of few holes and pads, hope they’ll fit perfectly this time.

The PCBs should arrive in about two weeks and this time they will be gold plated. Hopefully everything will be fine and revision C will be the production version with a final decision to go with either 0.4 or 0.6mm PCB thickness.

Amiga 500 from trash

Some time ago I was looking for a cheap Amiga 500 for restoration. I found one for 60 euros. The seller said it was in overall good condition and was working fine many years ago before being put away. There were only photos from the top and it looked good though it was dirty. I trusted him and bought it. If he lied … well, I’ll have more work :-)

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First AmiKey prototypes

First AmiKey prototypes have arrived earlier this week! They were mainly made to check that everything fits and to check that the 0.6mm thick PCB will be suitable. It fits, but a few holes have to be moved a little. I will probably also choose a 0.4mm thick PCB for the next prototypes. While 0.6mm is fine, you could use slightly longer screws to keep the metal back firmly in place.

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